Multicable Limited is one of the earliest organizations that began manufacturing power and control cables for both industrial and domestic use in Tanzania, and it is ranked amongst the top manufacturers across the nation. Since the foundation of the brand, its engineers have determined that innovation is the key to the success of every product in the brand. This was a really courageous decision by the founding brothers and engineers because, during that time, categories like cables and wires were highly commoditized with a vast availability of sub-standard products.

        Today, it is one of the leading companies catering to the diverse requirements of its clients in the field of power and distribution, using modern technology in cable manufacturing and constantly upgrading its continual renewal and innovation strategy to do so. We have well-equipped laboratories controlled by skilled and competent staff.

    PVC/XLPE power and control cables with aluminum and copper conductors, telecommunication cables, PVC insulated flexible cables, and ad-cords are among the cables available from Multicable Limited. The company also manufactures special cables according to the clients’ requirements and specifications. This cable profile will further highlight all kinds of cables produced, as well as the specifications that are maintained for each kind.

     Our cable compounds are characterized by outstanding electrical, thermal, and mechanical standards as well as external properties and a grander surface finish. Our flame retardant sheath compounds ensure lower flammability and smoke in hazardous fire situations, making our cables safe and secure. The most vital brand value that our company adheres to is the quality and purity of its copper and aluminium in the production of cables. All our power cables are finely insulated with the self-curing XLPE component of the highest grade, and all our cables are tested more than three times to ensure the rated voltage and successful high voltage testing. We promise to never compromise on quality, enriching your experience with us and creating long-lasting working relationships with all our clients throughout the market. Our brand logo is a meaningful trademark that has satisfied our customers by giving them 100% assurance on all the products under our brand logo. Finally, on that note, all our cables are printed with our brand name, cable lengths, and sizes that allow the customers to trust as well as test that they are investing in genuine products.

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