Pipes & Plastics

    Like Cables, Multi Cable Limited is also one of the earliest organizations that began manufacturing pipes for both industrial and domestic use in Tanzania. MCL has proudly attained the prestigious title of "Superbrand" since 2012. The range of products covers UPVC pressure pipes, HDPE pipes, PVC braided hose pipes, PPR pipes, IPS pipes, PVC conduit pipes and PVC fittings. Today, it is one of the leading companies catering to the diverse requirements of its clients in the field of plumbing and distribution, using modern technology in pipe manufacturing and constantly upgrading its continual renewal and innovation strategy to do so. The company is ranked among the top manufacturers in East Africa; the products are aligned with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS approved) and are certified by the International Organization for Standardization under ISO 9001:2008.

    MCL has a well-equipped laboratory controlled by skilled staff and competent engineers. The company has sophisticated plants and machines to accommodate the requirements of its client's high-grade pipes. This pipe profile will further highlight all kinds of pipes produced, as well as the specifications that are maintained for each kind.

    A very important brand value that our company adheres to is the specially formulated unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) that meets stringent Tanzanian and international standards for all of our UPVC products and fittings. Our UPVC conduit systems consist of conduits and fittings that are manufactured from super high impact UPVC, featuring a large range of compatible fittings, brass inserts in all boxes, the ability to withstand the most hazardous site conditions, flame retardant properties, and lightweight properties. In addition to that, our hose pipes, HDPE pipes, IPS pipes, and PPR pipes are characterized by outstanding cleanness, cost effectiveness, as well as applicability and advantage in safety. All our pipes are tested at least 3 times according to the technical standards before they're approved and delivered or distributed to our clients.

    Our pipes are printed with our brand name, types, and sizes that allow the customers to trust as well as test that they are investing in genuine products.

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