One of the several projects initiated by the President to improve the quality of life of his fellow Tanzanians was the Ubungo flyover interchange bridge. He also had the support of the then World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, who stated that this project would "transform the lives" of people who have been spending a lot of time in traffic in the area where 68,000 vehicles pass daily. The project was partially funded by the World Bank. The construction work on the 17.5-meter-three-level road interchange project in Ubungo district, Dar-es-salaam, was assigned to China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) in 2017, at a cost of 252.62 billion Tanzanian shillings. With the project also featuring service roads, Ubungo interchange was, reportedly, the biggest project of its kind in Tanzania.

ubungo project

    Multi Cable Limited is proud to be part of the ongoing development in the country and is honored to be delegated with the responsibility of supplying quality products to the top-notch contractors and engineers who lead these projects. CCECC has offered their continuous and timely support to Multi-Cable Limited by supplying their premium quality cables to aid them in the construction of the Ubungo flyover.

     The letter below from CCECC is a reference to show satisfaction and gratitude for the quality products and services supplied by Multicable Limited for the Ubungo Flyover.

    The reference letter also emphasizes high quality products supplied to a previous BRT project, which was the Bus Rapid Transit infrastructure, also constructed by CCECC and supplied by MCL. Briefly, this was a surface metro system that utilized bus technology to provide metro-like services in Tanzania. Operations began in 2016 and partial funding came through the support of the African Development Bank and the World Bank. This was a very important project for a nation with a rapidly growing population that actually began to draw plans for a rapid transit system in 2003.

    The first phase of the BRT system runs for 21km from Kimara to Ubungo, ending at Morocco/Kivukoni. This changed the quality of life for Tanzanians—the route was designed to carry approximately 300,000 commuters every day along 29 stations. Multicable Limited was responsible for supplying electrical cables throughout Phase 1 of the BRT project and is currently working hand in hand with the engineers of CCECC to supply the ongoing Phase 2 of the BRT project.

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