REA is an independent body under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of the United Republic of Tanzania whose main role is to facilitate and promote enhanced access to modern energy services in rural areas of the country. REA’s mission goes hand in hand with one of the missions of Multicable Limited, which is to support the government in "electrifying the nation" with good quality products that ensure longevity and sustainability in the provision of modern energy services and, ultimately, the transformation of rural livelihoods.

    The majority of Tanzanians in rural areas had little or no access to modern energy services. This caused barriers to improving the livelihoods of rural Tanzanians and their transformation into a modern economy. National energy policy objectives were set in 2003 to guarantee accessibility of affordable and reliable energy supplies and to encourage efficient energy use to support national development goals. The policy recognizes the exploitation of local energy sources by private entities and sets in motion a new approach to modern energy in the rural areas of Tanzania.

    REA finances these rural energy projects and works hand in hand with TANESCO (funding them for connecting new rural areas) and renowned contractors (responsible for the electrical network construction and installations of REA projects), some of which include: JinagsuEternCompnay, Nakuroi Investment Company,NamisCorproate Limited, etc.

    Multicable Limited has supplied its premium standard power cables and aluminum conductors to these contractors in huge volumes, in kilometers, to many of these contractors, and continues to do so to contribute to bettering the lives of its fellow Tanzanians living in the villages of the rural areas. MCL continues to stand by its brand slogan "Life with Light, Light with MCL" as it continues to empower the lives of Tanzanians through these contractors with the supply of sustainable and safety-ensured electrical cables. Multicable can not risk failure in maintaining its quality standards as the lives and future of the nation depend on it.

Below you will find some references that show the successful supply status of aluminum conductors in various rural areas:

  • Nipo Group Electrical Contractors – Arusha region
  • Nakuroi Investment Company Limited - Kagera region
  • Namis Corporate Limited- Ruvuma region: Songeo, Nyasa, Namtumbo, Mbinga, Tunduru districts
  • Jiangsu Etern Company- Singida region, etc


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