ERB - AED EXHIBTION DODOMA 22nd September – 23rd September 2022

     The Engineers Registration Board (ERB), a statutory body established by the Engineer’s Registration Act No.15 of 1997, as amended by Act No.24 of 2007. One of the board’s functions is to organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, and workshops on the matters relevant to the field of engineering. The theme of this year’s event was “Innovation and Skills Development in enhancing National Sustainable Development: Engineering Perspective”. The event is annually held at Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre in Dodoma, Tanzania.

First Winner

     AED is one the most important events in Engineering and Construction industry calendar within Tanzania. it brings together more than 4000 Engineers and other stakeholders including those from government institutions, public and private organizations, working professionals & end users and foreign delegates among others.


     The two-day event included exhibitions of various technologies and engineering materials and services as one of the core activities. The exhibitions during AED have been recognized as major events for the Constructing Industry in Tanzania and provides a unique opportunity for Organizations to showcase their business, technology, innovation, and products and services to a range of customers including engineers, independent contractors, construction firms, oil and gas companies, wholesalers of hardware and electrical goods, electrical contractors, dealers in building materials, retailers, and government agencies.


We were able to meet a range of business and marketing objectives set forth by our marketing team with regards to the outcomes we would achieve by exhibiting our products at the ERB Exhibition 2022. The marketing objectives that we were able to successfully achieve included raising awareness on the company's various product offerings, expanding our customer base by interacting with business professionals from numerous industries who might be interested in purchasing our products, gathering competitive intelligence, improving our company/brand reputation, and receiving feedback/suggestions from prospective customers to better meet their needs within the respective industry.


     Furthermore, the exhibition allowed us to determine which of our product categories are currently in demand and would thrive in a wide range of industries, including construction and civil engineering, real estate development, oil, and gas, building materials, electrical engineering, and information technology and telecommunications, to name a few. During the exhibition, we were able to successfully sell multiple electrical and solar items that we both manufacture and distribute. Additionally, we had a 2-day raffle during which visitors who spent a particular amount of money at our booth were eligible to enter, and we announced 5 winners who received various prizes from us, which included Ironing Machine, Mixer Grinder Set, Extension Tower, and Soaps & Cosmetics.


     Receiving the Best Exhibitor's Award in the Manufacturing Category in the first place was a tremendous achievement for our organization. As a reputable manufacturing company, being able to take home the best exhibitors award three years in a row is a major accomplishment. All of this can be attributed to our dedicated staff and supportive management.


     Overall, the Engineer’s Registration Board (ERB) Exhibition 2022 was deemed beneficial to the company in terms of achieving marketing goals, generating lucrative leads, expanding our customer base, and strengthening our company/brand reputation.

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