CRB - ACM EXHIBTION DODOMA 12th May – 13th May 2022

     On May 12 and 13, Dodoma hosted the Contractors Registration Board (CRB) Exhibition and Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) 2022. Suppliers of construction-related technologies, materials, equipment, and goods and services gathered at the CRB Exhibition. The Jakaya Kikwete Convention Center, which is a part of the Dodoma Municipality, served as the location for the meetings and exhibits.


     The exhibitions during the ACM’s have been recognized as major events for the Constructing Industry in Tanzania and provides a unique opportunity for Organizations to showcase their business, technology, innovation, and products and services to a range of customers  including engineers, independent contractors, construction firms, oil and gas companies, wholesalers of hardware and electrical goods, electrical contractors, dealers in building materials, retailers, and government agencies.


     We were able to meet a range of business objectives set forth by our marketing team with regards to the outcomes we would achieve by exhibiting our products at the CRB Exhibition 2022 .

The marketing objectives that we were able to successfully achieve included raising awareness on the company's various product offerings, expanding our customer base by interacting with business professionals from numerous industries who might be interested in purchasing our products, gathering competitive intelligence, improving our company/brand reputation, and receiving feedback/suggestions from prospective customers to better meet their needs within the respective industry.


     Furthermore, the exhibition allowed us to determine which of our product categories are currently in demand and would thrive in a wide range of industries, including construction and civil engineering, real estate development, oil, and gas, building materials, electrical engineering, and information technology and telecommunications, to name a few. During the exhibition, our marketing team compiled a list of products/items that were inquired upon the most and they included different types of cables, pipes, ropes, conduit fittings, transformers, energy meters, solar items, main switches and circuit breakers and other electrical accessories.

     Overall, the  Contractors Registration Board (CRB) Exhibition 2022 was deemed beneficial to the company in terms of achieving marketing goals, generating lucrative leads, expanding our customer base, and strengthening our company/brand reputation.

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