Dar es Salaam International Fair (DITF) is an annual event organized by Tan Trade in collaboration with public and private sectors each year from 28 June to 13th July. DITF has positioned itself as an international trade promotion platform considered to be the largest of its kind in the Eastern and Central African Region in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors. The main objective of the DITF is to facilitate exhibitors to showcase and demonstrate their goods, services, and technology, attain new markets, and explore new opportunities.


     The range of exhibits in the trade fair covers wide range of products such as agricultural products, foodstuffs and beverages, textiles, garments and yarns, manufactured products, furniture, construction materials, automobiles, electrical goods and appliances, chemicals, cosmetics, timber and furniture, trade services, engineering products, machinery, electronics, computer software and handicrafts.

     The DITF gave Multi Cable Limited an opportunity to showcase its existing and new product innovations to the mass market and enabled the company to raise awareness on its product offerings, prices, locations, logistics, offers and much more. Moreover, the company won the award for “First Winner” in the category of Machines and Equipment Manufacturers Exhibitors.


     The company was able to achieve a range of business objectives set forth by our marketing team with regards to the

outcomes we would achieve by exhibiting our products at the DITF 2022. The marketing objectives that we were able to successfully achieve included raising awareness on the company's various product offerings, expanding our customer base by interacting with business professionals from numerous industries who might be interested in purchasing our products, gathering competitive intelligence, improving our company/brand reputation, selling  our products at offer prices, and receiving feedback/suggestions from prospective customers to better meet their needs within the respective industry.


     Furthermore, the exhibition allowed us to determine which of our product categories are currently in demand and would thrive in a wide range of industries, including construction and civil engineering, real estate development, oil, and gas, building materials, electrical engineering, and information technology and telecommunications, to name a few. Moreover, we were able to raise awareness on our sister company’s products which include cosmetics, soaps and detergents, antiseptics, and a new line of agricultural products.


     Overall, the DITF 2022 was deemed beneficial to the company in terms of achieving marketing goals, generating lucrative leads, expanding our customer base, and strengthening our company/brand reputation.

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